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This year we don’t plan to print and mail a color newsletter. To view our new sculptures created in the past year (also public commissions, works in progress, show schedule, etc.), visit our website: and click on the appropriate link at the bottom, also visit our special “Newsletter Section” on our website: and click on the Newsletter “Tracks” link at the bottom of our home page. This should provide you with up to date information on our works. If you would like a printed color photo mailed to you, call us @757-787-2818 or use the suggestions button at the top of our home page. Thank you for your continued interest in our works.

New Sculptures from the Latest Newsletter

"Bighorn Ram Bust (Half-Size)

Reference N° 725

10"l x 12"w x 19"h
David H. Turner
$1,800.00 - Edition of 100

"Otter Curiosity

Reference N°
9"l x 9 "w x 15"h
David H. Turner
$1200.00 - Edition of 100

"Resting Heron - full size"
Reference N° 707
17"l x 14"w x 35"h
David H. Turner
$5,400.00 - Edition of 100

"Black Bear & Cubs"
Reference N°
9"l x 7 "w x 8.5 "h
David H. Turner
$525.00 - Edition of 150

"Sun Bird"
Reference N° 583
22"l x 12"w x 42"h
William H. Turner
$7,500.00 - Edition of 200

Reference N°
16"l x 5 "w x 12"h
William H. Turner
$975.00 - Edition of 100

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