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Since 1983, William H. and David H. Turner, a father and son team, have been designing and casting wildlife sculptures in bronze. To date they have created more than 300 different limited edition bronzes and more than 50 large public commissions. Ranging in size from life-size mice and wrens to full size bears and dolphins, the Turners have a sculpture to fit the smallest niche in a home or to enhance the entrance of a zoo or museum. Whatever the case, the Turners' work is a reflection of their deep appreciation and understanding of nature.

Bill and David Turner both grew up and currently reside on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, which is a narrow peninsula sandwiched between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. This area is rich in wildlife, both in diversity and density, which continues to inspire the Turners to create works of art in bronze. They created and cast their first bronzes at their family farm, but they quickly outgrew this space. They purchased the property where they are now located on Route 13, near Onley, Virginia. Two wings and nine buildings have been added to their growing facility since 1984. Among these buildings are studios for Bill and David as well as their foundry, gallery, metal shops, wood shop, wax shop, mold room, and storage. The Turner's supervise the entire process of lost wax bronze casting that they accomplish on site with the assistance of more than 20 skilled artisans. The 4,000+ square feet gallery displays most of the current editions as well as the two dimensional works of local and national wildlife artists. A video tape is available so that one can obtain a better understanding and appreciation of what it takes to design and produce a sculpture using the lost wax method of bronze casting. One may also view Bill and David Turner's works at 15 galleries nationwide.

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